Terrarium Diorama

I wanted to make a gift for a friend who loves tiny cute things… and I thought: why don’t give her a little terrarium diorama? I’ve noticed there’s a trend for terrariums these days! So surfing the web I’ve found a lot of inspiration and I started to work!



And that’s the result! Not bad for my first time! 🙂 Luna'sCorner_Terrarium


Hawaiian Party

Hi! It’s summer and I’m really exited to show you my last DIYs. Me and my friend Laura we’re planning an hawaiian party with our friends, and I’ve prepared many little decorations. At the end of this post and on the page “Freebies” of my blog you can download the pdf file to print these decorations for your own party! Enjoy!

CAM00566 CAM00461 IMG_20130627_223503

Download : Lunascorner HawaiianParty