Tolkien tote bag + watercolor pendants

My new diys:
– Ombre Tolkien Tote Bag
hand dyed & painted

tote tolkien tote tolkien2

– Watercolour hand painted pendants

watercolor pendants watercolor pendants2 watercolor pendants3 watercolor pendants6


Return to Oz – party invitation cards

When I was a child I was totally in love with the Wizard of Oz. I watched the movie over and over again (and over the rainbow too!)
Now I’m grown up but I still love the books and the movies!


The 1939 movie is a classic and I’m totally fond of Judy Garland, but I loved also “Return to Oz”!
In particular I’ve always loved Tick Tock (so cute & gentleman!) and I’m still crazy for the lunch pail tree!
Oh, I wish that tree could really exist!


So, today I’ve decided to make party invitation inspired by the lunch pail tree!
You can download, print and customize them as you need… for a picnic party, a birthday party or a porch party!
Just click on the image below or search it in the section “Freebies”.

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Mason Jars

I love mason jars and one of these days I want to do something cool with the ones I found in the cupboard.
There’s a lot of inspiration on pinterest.
You can turn your old jars in box for souvenirs or little terrariums.

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And how adorable is this idea for serving drinks at parties?
I found it at
And this cute lamps found at Gorgeous!

4715499a12cd0002d5c912ef333eb358   lampara-tarro-cristal-ingenioso-2

But I think tomorrow I will try this:
turn a jar in a soap dispenser!
Find many suggestions at