Fairy Houses

Some days ago, browsing  Pinterest I found a cute tutorial on how to create fairy houses from old plastic bottles and soap containers.
The original DIY project is from Filth Wizardry blog, and you can find the full tutorial here. It’s such an amazing project to do with kids!

I have no kids, but I loved to do something like that so I started from their tutorial and then I changed the decoration and purpose of the fairy house.
I’ve painted the bottle and decorated it with faux flowers, stones etc to make it more realistic.
Once finished it can be used for kids to play, or as a garden ornament, or as a lantern!

!!!! ATTENTION !!!!! be careful! do not put tealights in the bottle! remember that it’s made of plastic and it can melt or burn.

Use, instead, led lights or Xmas tree lights!
This is the result! Hope you enjoy!
Thanks to the Filth Wizardry blog for this amazing idea! follow their tutorials and projects!

Fairy house collage


4 thoughts on “Fairy Houses

    • Hi Cheryl! I had this purple paint with sand in it, but you can do it yourself!
      First of all you have to paint the container with a white base (‘cause the plastic is too smooth and simple paint wouldn’t hold).
      Then prepare your color, mixing acrylic paint (any color), sand (or salt) and vinyl glue. 😀
      If you make one of this houses send me a picture if you want! I’m curious to see all the interpretation of this diy! Bye!

  1. Thank you luv 🙂 Its for my girls fairy birthday party and I like how natural stone looking your house is! Thanks again 🙂 I will most definitely send you pictures. Ciao


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