☆✩☆ New Year’s Eve (a dream party) ☆✩☆ – lunascornerblog

☆✩☆ New Year’s Eve (a dream party) ☆✩☆


Every year the same old story: it’s almost new year’s eve and I have no idea of what to do.
I don’t like going to clubs, as many of my friends do, I prefer staying in quiet places, sorrounded by people I love.
I never do something special on new year’s eve…it’s quite sad.

This year I’ll probably go to the cinema with my boyfriend to see Pride… and it will probably be one of the best n.y. eve of the last years!

By the way, 😀  if had MY house, I could throw a PARTY, exactly how I want it!!!
There will be GOLD everywhere… with some spots of black… maybe.

There will be music, good and simple food, a photobooth and many activities and funny things to do all together!



And for once in my life, just one day in all the year I would rock a showy outfit with a lot – A LOT – of glitters!



☆✩☆☆✩☆☆✩☆☆✩☆☆✩☆  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ☆✩☆☆✩☆☆✩☆☆✩☆☆✩☆

2015 will be a wonderful year!
lots of love