✂ D.I.Y. ✂ Minions Hand Warmer

Here we are for my last D.I.Y. project: hand warmers!
You know that little pillows stuffed with cherry pits? That’s what I’m talking about!
You can make them in any shape and size you want, but I’ve decided for a MINION one! Those adorable, yellowy, silly beans!
So…let’s get started! 😀


You will need:
– yellow fabric
– jeans fabric
– black fabric
– small piece of white fabric
– cherry pits
– sewing machine
– fabric colors or markers
– needle and thread

Draw your Minion-shape onto a piece of paper and count 1 cm for seams allowance.
Cut all your pieces: the main yellow shapes for back and front / 4 yellow pieces for the arms and 4 black pieces for the gloves/ 2 pieces of jeans for the the salopette (draw or add the little pocket on front) / 2 black pieces for the boots/ a round white circle for the eye / 2 small black strips and a longer one for the goggles.
** paint all the details and iron them before sewing the pieces together

CAM00357 CAM00355

Start assembling your Minion: the pocket on the salopette, the boots under the salopette, gloves on hands, eye and goggles on head.
Then go with the arms: put together back and front, right sides facing, and sew, leaving one side open (i left the “shoulder”side open). Once sewn reverse the fabric (be patient it’s a hard work!).
When the arms are ready stuff them with polyester fiber, or cherry pits if your Minion’s arms are big enough.

CAM00358 CAM00359

Put together the two main shapes (Minion body front and back) right sides facing! Be careful while positioning the arms!
Sew all along the external borders. Leave a big opening on the top of the Minion’s head.

Reverse the fabric and here’s your buddy staring back at you! Take the cherry pits and start stuffing. Don’t fill the pillow too much, you have to be able to sew the piece left open!

CAM00360 CAM00361

I’ve preferred to sew the last stitches by hand. Keep sewing the head while adding some other cherry pits until you feel the pillow is stuffed enough. Close the pillow. And voilà, your hand warmer is ready!

CAM00362  CAM00363

Put it in the microwave at 600 W for 1 minute. Repeat if necessary.
And now warm your hands or your whole body if you Minion is bigger than mine! 😀

PS. As I said before you can make your hand warmer  in any shape you like. This is the foxy one I’ve done for my friend Valentina.

I hope you liked this little tutorial. I’m very proud of my Minion, though it’s not perfect… but that’s the beauty of handmade!
Lots of love,
happy sewing



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