Hello everybody!
Autumn is here! The leaves are starting to turn red and it’s time to cuddle in soft blankets while sipping a cup of cinnamon tea.
This is my favourite time of the year and the things I usually do while I’m wrapped in the blanket with my cup of tea are watching movies or reading books.
But this year I have another, special, thing to do. I’m planning a travel to Ireland with my boyfriend and a couple of friends, in May 2016. So these days I use to turn some celtic music on, light up an essence burner and read my National Geographic Ireland guide.
And after a few words and some photos I’m totally absorbed, dreaming to be there right now!
All those castles, and woods, and gardens…


And I can’t wait to have a cup of tea in one of those wonderful pubs and tearooms ❤


Me and my friend Valentina we are very interested in celtic mythology and symbols. We hope we’ll see the magic “little folks” living in the woods of Ireland 😉
We are not fashion addicted but we are so excited that we are already planning what to wear, surfing Pinterest for inspiration…


And as I said before…the most beautiful thing to do during autumn and winter is to snuggle on the couch and watch movies… SO WE STARTED A HOME-IRISH-CINEFORUM! We’ve already watched PS. I love you and Leap Year.

It’s so beautiful to plan a trip, studying details, organizing everything… and fortaste the pleasure of being there!
Is there any Irish guy or girl reading this post? Can you suggest us something to do or see while we’re in Ireland? Some secret places tourist don’t know? Let me know, please 🙂

Now I have to say goodbye … no I’ll say slàn!

Lots of love



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